The Benefits of Wet-Spray Painting

Wet-spray painting is the traditional process of applying liquid paint to a product for finishing. It is essential that the object is cleaned and prepared before the paint is applied for a high quality finish. Preparation can include filling, sanding, bead blasting or the removal of existing coating. It is a fast and consistent process in which paint can be applied to almost any surface; a mist of paint is sprayed onto the surface before being left to dry.

There are several benefits of wet-spray painting:

  • Allows for large, heavy and awkwardly shaped objects to be painted: Wet-spray painting is particularly useful for large, heavy, awkwardly shaped objects which cannot be hung for powder coating.
  • Speed and efficiency: When it comes to speed and efficiency, wet-spray painting can be beneficial. This is particularly the case when trying to cover large surfaces; wet-spray paint can cover a large surface area in a matter of hours.
  • A cost effective finish can be achieved for tight budgetary requirements: Majorfax gives customers the option for a one-coat primer/top-coat to ensure a cost-effective solution for painting large parts.
  • An infinite range of colours available: Flexibility when choosing a colour to match your brand requirements can be achieved due to the infinite range of colours available. Unique colours can be achieved via mixing several paints together on site with a high degree of precision; this is the case with metallic and non-metallic colours.
  • Can be used for a range of materials: A wide variety of materials can be used for wet-spray painting, from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, to plastic and wooden components.
  • Particularly ideal for applications which cannot be heated: It is a process which is useful for parts which cannot be heated for powder coating. Wet-spray painting gives you the option to air-dry or bake your product for finishing.
  • High quality spray finish: Wet-spray painting allows you to achieve a range of gloss levels and textures to achieve a consistent, thorough, high quality finish across the surface area.

At Majorfax, our high-end spray painting facility allows us to colour match to your exact branding requirements at the price you need. Our painting booths can fit products of various size, complexity, material and weight for quick and efficient painting; giving you a range of finishing options to choose from.

To receive a competitive quote or to find out more about this service, please email Ranvir Gill, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at

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