We are often asked what the benefits of castings are over fabrication.  These benefits are not just in relation to price but also quality.  Here we explain in further detail why, if you are used to using fabricated parts, you may wish to consider castings.

As you know a casting is one single component as opposed to possibly several to make up a part of a fabrication. This means there is no risk of failure due to possible fabrication defects occurring.

The strength levels of a casting will also be superior to a fabricated part.  Again, this is due to the welded joints within a fabricated component potentially being weaker.

Distortion is minimised in a casting as opposed to a fabrication so the repeatability of a product is superior.  This basically means that you have a consistency in your parts that you wouldn’t otherwise get. In essence with a fabrication each product could potentially be different whereas with castings you will have a consistent level of quality.

With a casting you have a mould whereas alternatives may mean you have several parts requiring fabrication. Castings should be significantly cheaper than fabrication.  The reasons for this are

  • Casting requires a mould which if designed correctly will require minimal repair.
  • Fabrication will require costs for consumables, fixtures and jigging to manufacture the fabrication
  • Man power costs will be higher when fabricating.

If you are currently fabricating we would relish the chance to quote for you. Contact us with your requirements.

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