Tier 1 Supply Chain Services

Since its inception, Majorfax have constantly been developing relationships with suppliers that can deliver to our own rigorous quality standards.

Combining the best prices and technology from the UK and overseas, allows our finished products to be more competitive in both home and global markets.

We are in regular communication with those in the supply chain and we frequently visit our overseas foundries to inspect working processes, production and quality standards.

By building good working relationships, we are able to provide the best complete service to meet the requirements of our customers.

What can a Majorfax customer expect to receive?

Our clients know they can rely on us to manage the following for them…


› Ordering and scheduling

› Lead times and stock control

› Overseeing shipping agents

Quality Management

› Engineers based in the UK and overseas to ensure product quality

› Regular site visits to approved suppliers to inspect production methods

› Inspection and testing facilities at foundries backed by independent test houses

Cost Management

› All-inclusive pricing

› Global economic factors continually monitored

Customer Service

› Dedicated staff liaising with suppliers and clients on a daily basis

› Engineering support

› An experienced team