Aluminium, Copper & Zinc

Learn more about the types of non-ferrous castings Majorfax delivers:

Aluminium – up to 100 Kg

(BS1490 Grades LM4, LM6, LM24, LM25 and LM27)

Cast aluminium is a versatile material which can be heat treated to give added strength together with lightness, corrosion resistance and high conductivity.

Aluminium can be cast in a variety of processes such as sand, die (gravity, low & high pressure) and lost wax castings making it a suitable material for a wide range of applications.

Copper based alloys – up to 100 Kg

Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Gunmetal, Aluminium Bronze & Manganese bronze.

Copper based alloy castings have common properties in varying degrees such as corrosion resistance, pressure tightness, strength and wear resistance according to the mix of alloys.

Applications are wide reaching and can be cast in both sand and die casting processes.

Zinc – up to 10 kg

(ZA3 & ZA5)

Zinc alloy castings combine strength with good corrosion resistance and are particularly suited to functional or aesthetic castings.   A wide range of finishes can be applied to zinc castings including plating, painting and powder coating allowing versatility in applications.

Zinc can be sand cast, but is best produced by the gravity or high pressure die casting methods.

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