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Majorfax: Shaping London’s Architectural Sector


Majorfax: Shaping London's Agricultural Sector London’s architectural sector is booming and is now growing at a steady rate and almost twice as fast as the city’s industrial design, graphics and fashion sectors combined. According to GLA Economics, London’s sector is valued at £1.7bn and is growing at 7.6% per year. In March 2017, the city’s architecture sector was growing faster than London’s entire economy, growing at a rate of approximately 3%. With the steady but sharp growth within this sector, Majorfax has been working on a range of architectural [...]

Majorfax: Shaping London’s Architectural Sector2018-10-05T14:58:53+00:00

Majorfax’s All-Round Casting Manufacturing Service


Product Development Our engineers are with you every step of the way. Majorfax’s specialists have a vast amount of experience and offer technical advice to ensure your castings are the most efficient for their application. Sourcing Majorfax have a range of foundries across Europe and Asia. We look at your technical requirements (material/grade, quantities and nature of application) and determine which foundry we will use to ensure your castings are manufactured to your specifications for the best value. Production Majorfax utilises a range of casting processes, two of the [...]

Majorfax’s All-Round Casting Manufacturing Service2018-09-21T13:48:45+00:00

An Introduction to Shot Blasting


Shot Blasting Shot blasting is commonly used to clean, strengthen or polish metal objects. It is a process in which abrasives are shot at a metal surface and is used across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction and rail. Types of media used in shot blasting can include steel, grit, copper, garnet, aluminium, ceramic and glass. It is the shape, size, force and density of the media together with the amount of time spent shot blasting which will determine the final results. Air Blasting During [...]

An Introduction to Shot Blasting2018-09-03T13:11:33+00:00

Majorfax: Supplying The Agricultural Sector For Over 30 Years


Majorfax: Supplying The Agricultural Sector For Over 30 Years The agricultural sector has always been a key market for Majorfax, West Midlands based ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturer. Since its beginnings in 1984, Majorfax has been producing castings to be used for the production of tractors and various types of agricultural off-road vehicles and machines. The organisation supplies some of the largest manufacturers in both the farming and off-highway sectors providing them with fully finished castings. Due to a number of long-term contracts with several global agricultural manufacturers, this [...]

Majorfax: Supplying The Agricultural Sector For Over 30 Years2018-08-16T10:23:38+00:00



MAJORFAX KEEPS TRACK OF UK RAIL GROWTH  The UK rail sector has experienced something of a resurgence in recent times and is most certainly proving popular for ferrous and non-ferrous casting supplier Majorfax. The West Midlands based casting specialist has recently seen existing business grow within the sector for a range of railway infrastructure projects. Majorfax has been manufacturing and supplying castings to the Railway sector for over 30 years and in the last 12 months the organisation has seen a 64% increase in orders. This growth has come [...]

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