Majorfax’s Major Expansion

Majorfax Ltd has recently expanded its workforce and operations. To complement existing supply solutions, Majorfax now offer a wet-spray painting service with a range of surface finishing solutions. This takes place within a new bespoke spray painting facility located [...]

Majorfax’s Investment Casting Process perfected over Thousands of Years

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, is a traditional process and goes back thousands of years; dating back to when beeswax were used for casting patterns. It was originally used to produce ornaments and jewellery for idols [...]

Expansion within the Paint Shop Facility

Majorfax has increased its spray painting capacity which has been driven by an increase in orders. The organisation provides customers with a flexible, top-quality painting and finishing service; previous orders have been placed to service cast brackets, counterweights and [...]

What are Castings?

Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing methods known to mankind and can be traced all the way back to 5,000bc. Many of the oldest castings still exist today in the form of jewellery and ancient sculptures, which can [...]

New member of the Majorfax team

Due to continued expansion we are pleased to welcome Richard Brierley to the Majorfax team.   Richard has joined our expanding sales department and brings within him over 10 years of manufacturing industry experience. Richard’s previous role saw him [...]

The Benefits of Casting Over Fabrication

We are often asked what the benefits of castings are over fabrication.  These benefits are not just in relation to price but also quality.  Here we explain in further detail why, if you are used to using fabricated parts, [...]

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