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Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 Chinese New Year is fast approaching, taking place on 16th February 2018. The holiday can be expected to extend from 1st February through to 2nd March for up to 4 weeks in some provinces. [...]

The Benefits of Wet-Spray Painting

The Benefits of Wet-Spray Painting Wet-spray painting is the traditional process of applying liquid paint to a product for finishing. It is essential that the object is cleaned and prepared before the paint is applied for a high quality [...]

We are looking to recruit a Logistics Co-ordinator

Role: Logistics Co-ordinator / Expeditor About the Job An exciting opportunity has presented itself for an experienced Expeditor/Logistics Co-Ordinator to join a leading manufacturing company based in Walsall. The main focus of the role will be to sustain and [...]

Majorfax’s Major Expansion

Majorfax Ltd has recently expanded its workforce and operations. To complement existing supply solutions, Majorfax now offer a wet-spray painting service with a range of surface finishing solutions. This takes place within a new bespoke spray painting facility located [...]

Majorfax’s Investment Casting Process perfected over Thousands of Years

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, is a traditional process and goes back thousands of years; dating back to when beeswax were used for casting patterns. It was originally used to produce ornaments and jewellery for idols [...]

Expansion within the Paint Shop Facility

Majorfax has increased its spray painting capacity which has been driven by an increase in orders. The organisation provides customers with a flexible, top-quality painting and finishing service; previous orders have been placed to service cast brackets, counterweights and [...]

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